Spinea TwinSpin

The TwinSpin(TS) bearing reducers are high precision reducers based on a new reduction mechanism and new design of radial-axial output bearing. As a result, they represent a new generation of power transmission systems. The notion "bearing reducer" indicates the full integration of a high precision trochoidal reduction gear and a radial-axial bearing in a single unit .

This new transmission concept allows the use of the TS reduces directly in robot joins, rotory tables and wheel gears in various transport systems.

TS bearing reducers are designed for applications requiring a high reduction ratio, high kinematic accuracy, low lost motion, high moment capacity and high stiffness of compact design with a limited installation zone and low mass.

TwinSpin - B Series

  • B Series - completely sealed reducer. Special reducer for applications of B-axis of machine tools.

Table 1: Advantages
New technology
High tensional stiffness and higher tilting stiffness
Compact solution
Table 2: Features
B series features
Case Design version (see chapter Drawings in TwinSpin catalogues).
Input flange connection Completely sealed reducer.
Installation and operation characteristics Special reducer for B-axis machine tools applications. Cca.50% higher tilting stiffness with respect to T series. High torsional stiffness and low lost motion. Extremely low value of radial and axial run-out of the output flange.