Spinea RotoSpin

The module RotoSpin is intended for applications where it is demanded to ensure controlled rotary motions with high repeatability of positionning and it is not necessary to put the electricity and signals wirings in the axis of rotation. For their high kinematic accuracy, their high transmited torque and tilting moment, for their small dimensions and weight the rotary modules RotoSpin have a large scale of use. The most frequently they are used in positionning equipments in automated and robotized workplaces for the technologies of welding, cutting, machining and mounting.

RotoSpin- A Series

  • The modules with the identification RotoSpin "A", are called the flange modules. These modules are suitable for building in direct to support constructions. They create together compact unit.

    Their advantages are their small dimensions and weight that what enables their using mainly in moving parts of the rotary petitioners.

    The rotary modules create a modular building system that consists of four kinetic units.According to thier construction they are identified as A,B,C and H. Each of these units is produced in four dimension categories with handling capacity 60,250,500 and 1000kg.

Table 1: Technical Specifications
Parameter / Dimension RS 60 RS 250 RS 500 RS 1000
Max. handling capacity [kg] 60 250 500 1000
Max. allowable speed [min -1] 30 25 20 16
Rated output torque [Nm] 78 268 890 2940
Acceleration and braking torque [Nm] 156 670 2225 7370
Rated tilt moment [Nm] 280 1100 3300 12000
Repeatability of positioning [arc sec] + /- 30 + /- 20 + /- 20 + /- 15