Our Design

Our key differentiator is the skill to blend creativity & innovation with proven mechanical design and engineering expertise through a fresh but solid team of people. Design methods have been honed through best practice and continuous business development to ensure our clients receive an impeccable and complete design service at all times.

Our design and development heritage is one built from challenging product & engineering projects from many industries such as Automotive, Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing. This expertise provides the foundations for our unique service that allows us to operate effectively across both the product and mechanical design disciplines.

Our creativity and design process is fully optimized to be extremely efficient so that our clients save time, money and get their products to market quickly

Our Approach

  • We use universal proven approach to design & development, our skill is to give our industrial designers free reign to create aesthetic images to challenge our clients and focus groups. Our design engineers then develop selected designs through visualization, 3D modeling and engineering design, prototype and into manufacture. Using a staged approach means clients know that as their investment increases, risk reduces and another successful product is born.