Our Process

The Benengg process gets your project completed in the most thorough - yet efficient way possible. We define the range of possibilities without wasting time on tasks that don't contribute to the end result.Our team has good experience taking ideas from basic concepts to exceptional, market-leading products. Along the way, we have learned what works (and what doesn't) in product development and have mastered the process outlined below:

Phase I -- Concept Development

  • Requirement Analysis

    All of our engagements start with an idea. It may be a market need that is screaming for a solution, an existing product that has somehow missed the mark, or a success in one market that is now in search of other applications. We then take that idea through the following steps:

    1. Concept Definition --Get the mission right.

    2. Brainstorming --The birthplace of every idea.

    3. Distillation --See and hold the concepts in 3-dimensional space.

    4. Design Refinement --Concepts transformed

    The all-important goal of Phase I is to emerge with one design concept.

Phase II -- Detailed Design

  • Design Development

    We refine the design by iterating through the CAD/prototyping/testing cycle. With each pass through the cycle, we sharpen both the productís features and form by studying how users interact with it and discovering the ergonomic nuances necessary to bring success in the target market.

Phase III -- Production Design

  • Product Prototype

    We know how the product looks and works in a CAD drawing and a prototype, but what about the actual product coming off the manufacturing line? We pay close attention to the manufacturing process, and focus on the feel of the product, materials selection, part tolerances and other factors.

Phase IV -- Production Development

  • Development Preparation

    On the signed off concept and design, we prepare to build the exact product as per the agreed standard and quality. We take care of product integration and testing. In this process we..

    -- Preparation of a full set of documentation.

    -- Input into tool cutting and mold design.

    -- Acquire material for production.

    -- Quality control inspection of products off the line..

Phase V -- Production and Testing

  • Product Developmen and QA

    Our team is committed and dedicated to your productís success, and we will continue to offer help throughout its production. Should manufacturing issues, or questions about distribution and potential applications for other markets arise, our experience, talent, and commitment will guide you every step of the way.

    Standard and stringent tests will be performed to test the durability and performance of the product in simulated environment. The product will be out of Benengg only after it get clear quality clearance certificate.