BEPT A/S/SG Series

BEPT Series is heavy duty highly compact low weight pan/tilt units designed for fast, accurate positioning of payloads starting from 2Kg to 150 Kg. It offers multiple mounting options and it is designed for demanding applications that require up to 100% duty-cycles and long life in critical and all-weather cycles.

BEPT provides superior real-time motion control performance and simplified application integration for pan and tilt application with user-programmable ranges of motion. It also delivers increased torque, speed, and real-time motion control fidelity. Please refer catalog below for more information

Table 1: Key Features
Key Features
Precise control of position, speed, and acceleration
Rigid gear design provides steady images in critical environments
Solid and vibration-tolerant for vehicle-mounted applications
Absolutely near zero jitter
Wide range of pan speeds
Extremely precise positioning (with micro step) allows translating object positions to global coordinates accurately
Ruggedized design to operate in extreme environment conditions
Low System Weight
Table 2: Architecture Features
Architecture Details
Increased command rate and reduced jitter
Increased speed and acceleration
Advanced micro controller
Digital encoders for closed-loop control
User-programmable ranges of motion
RS 232 / RS 422 / Ethernet
Expanded I/O for payload control
All aluminum machined body