Antenna Positioners

Antenna Positioning Unit is a lightweight communication Antenna Pedestal, which can be pointed in azimuth / elevation according to manual commands or can track automatically according to Signal Strength. It has been successfully used on a number of different application programs including satellite tracking systems and SATCOM self-positioning systems.

APU Series

  • The system supports number of different diameter antennas and various system requirements. APU contains DC servo mechanical drive assembly, (optional) slipring and electronics circuits.

    Their advantages are their small dimensions and weight. The system can be customized, as required, to include any additional test features, software or mechanical interfaces.

Table 1: Technical Specifications
Specifications Details
Axis Azimuth / Elevation
Azimuth Range upto +/- 270 (or) 360 Deg continous
Elevation Range +/- 90 Deg
Azimuth / Elevation Positional Accuracy 0.01 to 0.001 Deg
System Velocity 0.1 to (Various Range) Deg / Sec
Position Feedback Absolute / Incremental Encoder
Paylod Range 5 to 50 Kg
Body Type All Aluminum Machined Body
Payload Mounting Top Bracket
Optional accessories Joystick / Operating Sofware (Windows)