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We are manufacturer and suppliers of wide assortment of superior quality mechanical components, complex mechanical assemblies, electro - mechanical products and many industrial components. Our product range is known for its engineering, technology, durability, strength and its performance. Our line of products include...

Electro - Mechanical / Pneumatic / Hydraulic Mast

  • Benengg electro-mechanical mast is a revolutionary screw-drive telescopic mast that offers fully automated elevation solutions. Designed for communications, reconnaissance, and surveillance applications, the BENEM SERIES is designed for single person operation and offers a well architectured computer control option. Itís light in weight, highly portable and allows internal or external mountings for outdoor or shelter installations. Built with durable, high strength carbon fiber composite tube sections. These masts are offered with extended heights from 8 to 30 Mtrs.

    We can also build Pneumatic and Hydrralic mast according to standrad or your specification


    - High strength carbon fiber tube sections

    - Design to carry larger payloads

    - Quadra lock technology

    - Greater section lap - Decreased deflection

    - Designed for full duty cycle

    - Non-rotatable self-locking sections

    - Enhanced controls - Computer interface

    - Electric drive for quick extension and retraction

    - Optional hand-held remote control (wired)

    - Long life span with minimum maintenance.

    - Smooth and noiseless operation during extension and retraction


    Mobile Radio Communication, Measurement of field strength, Lightings Mounting, Remote surveillance, Environmental Data Measuring Instruments, CCTV and Traffic Monitoring, Communication and news broadcast vehicles,Railways signaling and lighting etc