Electronic Services

Benengg's electrical engineering and circuit design team is capable working on variety of products. Electronics Component, Electro mechanical integration devices, computer peripherals and communications products these are just a few of the many product categories in which we have extensive analog and digital electrical circuit design knowledge.

Electrical Circuit Design

  • We have an extensive set of tools for electrical circuit design, simulation and testing. The combination of talented engineers and state of the art equipment, allows us to deliver you a design optimized for functionality and manufacturability.

    Our service include

    • System/Architecture Design
    • Electrical Requirements
    • Electronic Circuit Schematic Design
    • Electronic Circuit Simulation
    • PCB Design
    • Prototype PCB Assembly
    • Electronic Testing and Design Verification

Embedded System Design and Development

  • An embedded system is a computer system designed to perform one or more dedicated functions, often with real-time computing constraints. An embedded system goes from basic micro controllers which are oriented to automation and basic calculation tasks. Micro controllers are meant to control peripherals such as low resolution LCDs, actuators, sensors, and others. We support with the RS232, RS422, RS485, TCP/IP CAN, CAN OPEN and EtherCAT protocols.

    Product Development

    • Feature enhancement, simulation, design of software architecture, system/ product design, microcontroller based hardware design
    • Platform porting, PC interface, migration to embedded system, prototyping

    Verification & Validation

    • Test process/ plan preparation using applicable standards, test set-up/ lab design, simulation & scripting
    • Automated & manual testing, hardware-in-loop testing, unit, functional, system testing, statistical analysis & reports

    Development Support

    • Requirement capture, simulation & modeling, GUI design, reverse engineering, activity based engineering
    • Documentation, user manual design, maintenance of legacy products & code

DSP Algorithm

  • Digital signal processing (DSP) design is increasingly challenging in the electronics industry. Greater system complexity and performance targets can make it more difficult to bring effective products to market quickly. Benengg is a natural extension of your company for fast time-to-market DSP design, working closely with you to shape innovative concepts into successful products. We quickly understand your needs and delivers digital signal processing (DSP) design projects according to your unique requirements. Benengg DSP designers maintain quality DSP design, creating high-performance chips with optimum flexibility and software programmability.