Manufacturing Services

Our fully equipped machine shop is setup to manufacture quality precision machined parts in high quantity production lots or specialised machined products in lower batch quantities. Whatever the case maybe, we have the expertise and capabilities to service your requirements.

CNC Precision Components

  • Our CAD CAM Technologies provides a variety of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machining services ranging from Turning, Milling 2D, 3D and all the way through to 5 axis simultaneous, and dedicated special machining applications with excellent surface quality machining services.

    Our facilities are well suited to the manufacture of items such as, shafts, pulleys, bushes, custom fasteners, spacers, valve components, air & hydraulic fittings, valve blocks, couplings, threading internal & external, pins, bearing housings, gear blanks, wear rings, suspension components and many more components.

    Our CNC Machining services include

    • CNC Turning
    • CNC Milling
    • Parts Machining
    • Die & Mould Machining
    • 3 and 4-Axis Machining


Casting & Forging

  • As part of product development we take complete ownership of the manufacturing process. As per the product demand and customer request we can provide the Casting and Forging of the mechanical body or the body shell of the assembly. After signing off our CAD/CAM design, we outsource the Casting and Forging services to our manufacturing partners who are experience and capable of handling the requirement. These components will be tested according to the industry standard for its stability and reliability.

Injection Moulded Components

  • Our manufacturing partners help is in Injection Moulds that includes Jigs & Fixtures, Plastic Injection Moulding Components, Rubber Moulds, Hot Runner Moulds, Mould Bases, Precision Machined Injection Mould Inserts, Thermoset Injection Moulds etc. As per the design and requirement these Moulded components will be integrated with our manufacturing components and assemblies. Our optimistic design and ability to select right material for manufacturing will reduce the product cost without compromising the quality of the component.

Sheet Metal Components

  • We can design and manufacture Precision Sheet Metal Components, CNC Punching, CNC Punched Components, Sheet Metal Enclosures, Assemblies, Control Panels, PCB Guide Assemblies, Sub- Assemblies.etc

    Benengg provides a one stop precision engineering service to leading companies in the scientific electronic and mechanical field.

Wave Guide & Horn Machining

  • A waveguide is a hollow metallic tube of any cross section through which the transmission of the electromagnetic waves takes place by the successive reflections from the inner walls of the tube We can provide Wave Guide Components that are finds wide application in microwave industry. These are available with transition adapters RF and microwave components that are perfect to connect waveguide components of different cross section sizes.

    Our bend assembly waveguide components are also used in inside waveguide systems to change the direction of electric and magnetic field lines. The twist assemblies are waveguide components are widely used inside the waveguide to change the polarization the radar waves.

    Horn antenna is an antenna that consists of a flaring metal waveguide shaped like a horn to direct the radio waves. Horns are widely used as antennas at UHF and microwave frequencies, above 300 MHz They are used as feeders (called feed horns) for larger antenna structures such as parabolic antennas, as standard calibration antennas to measure the gain of other antennas, and as directive antennas for such devices as radar guns, automatic door openers, and microwave radiometers. Their advantages are moderate directivity (gain), low SWR, broad bandwidth, and simple construction and adjustment.

Antenna Fabrication

  • We are capable of manufacturing and supplying of wide range of Antennas & Systems that are appreciated for high quality standards. These include BTS Antenna and Antenna Remote Control Unit. Manufactured using quality raw material, these antennas are appreciated for grasping the signals from various frequencies, even in extreme environmental conditions. We can also fabricate antennas according to your custom requirement.