Testing Services

Benengg offers a wide range of testing services in order to ensure the quality of your product. Our testing services help to ensure that your product meets your requirements and will perform in the environment as intended. We tailor our testing services in order to provide the testing appropriate for your product. These services include the development of test plans, software unit and integration testing, system testing, and test tool development. Our testing expertise is based on a variety of product categories including communications, military, manufacturing and electronics.

Testing Service

  • We provide a unique combination of traditional machine testing services and advanced analytical techniques. We can provide machine testing and diagnostic services for mechanical systems, structures, rotating machinery and more. In addition, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and customized software we diagnose the onset of mechanical vibration faults, performance degradation and component remaining life.

    Our testing activities include

    • Requirements Analysis and Verification
    • Test Case and Protocol Development
    • Test Tool Development
    • Unit and Integration Testing ("White Box")
    • System Testing ("Black Box")
    • Defect Management
    • Compliance and Regulatory Testing
    • Environmental Testing
    • Test Tool Development


Test Rigs

  • We are capable of designing from our customerís conceptual requests Mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Test Rigs which are used to perform validation and development tests on many different products. Tests often include functional performance of products after the initial build process, the test rig being the first pass of fluid through the unit, where 100% checks are carried out to ensure product suitability.

    Tests rigs are often supplied for product testing in relation to durability and fatigue testing, this will require a rigorous selection of products to drive the machine to ensure that the rig will stand up to the longevity of the test process. In addition test rigs we have supplied in the past are used to perform predictive modeling techniques.

    Our project & design engineers have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide you with test rig that will function as you expect, we work closely to ensure that your needs and requirements are met. We can provide you with a complete PLC controlled unit, recording and data logging all parameters that you set, via HMI for easy downloading allowing records to be provided as often as required.