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We are manufacturer and suppliers of wide assortment of superior quality mechanical components, complex mechanical assemblies, electro - mechanical products and many industrial components. Our product range is known for its engineering, technology, durability, strength and its performance. Our line of products include...

Automatic Indexing Head

  • Our indexing head is a specialized electromechanical work holding device. The BENEIH Series Electromechanical Indexing Head are designed to provide precise degree, and accurate indexing. It is powered by rotary actuators, high resolution encoder.

    BENEIH Series can be customised to meet specific payload requirement.


    - Flexibility to use with Vertical and Horizontal mounting

    - Resolution Upto 0.001o*

    - Increases Productivity

    - Easily programmable

    - Faster for repetitive operations

    - No need to interchange indexing plates

    - Greater capacity and strength

    - High holding torque


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